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Fresh Cut Home Fries

Norfolk Potato Company Fresh Cut Home Fries

Fresh & tasty. Quick & versatile.

Roasted, fried or mashed, our fresh cut homefries are easy 1-2-3. We start with our fresh premium hand-select potatoes and dice 'em up peeled or skin-on for that homestyle look. Forget prep and trim and start fresh and ready-to-go with NoPoCo.

Cut ½" x ¾" x 1¼"
Skin Peeled or skin-on
Envol, Poppy, Excellency, Yukon Gold,
Envol White Potato


The Envol is an early harvest white, round and smooth skin potato with great flavour right from the field. Just roast them and eat! A great all around potato that makes wonderful fries as well.

Poppy Red Potato


The Poppy is round in shape with bright red skin and white flesh which makes it a beautiful potato for salads and home fries. Mini Poppy potatoes look great on a plate as roasted potatoes.

Excellency Potato


The Excellency potato has yellow skin and light yellow flesh. They look very attractive on a plate when roasted and is a great tasting mashed potato or French fry.

Yukon Gold Yellow Potato

Yukon Gold

One of the most popular potatoes around, the Yukon Gold has yellow skin and flesh. This popular potato is a favorite for mashed potatoes and works well for French fries too!

Quantities 10lb & 20lb bags

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